A very special space in 3 STEPS!

This is a very special space that we have designed and realized for one of our clients. This is a Study of Physiotherapy and we are happy to have realized a very peculiar mood to this space.

1*** First of all we respect nature using the unique eco-friendly parquet floor: a CORK FLOORING. This material has a lot of advantages and at last but not the least, it is so natural and beautiful!


2*** We want to create a very natural place where our client’s clients (!!!) could relax themselves during treahments, so we used nature, trees and sunlight with a very special wallpaper!



3*** Sliding doors (and SLIDING PANELS) are our passion. We love them and we designed a plenty of them of any shape and style. Here we used very simple elements painted with the same shade of the wall to create a comfortable space full of privacy.


We like very much the final result and the Client was satisfied: Goal reached! 😀